Lii Audio F-6

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Exclusive cone made of special straw, with unique look and good audio performance

Can connect directly to amplifier without crossover or filter, no signal loss or phase distortion

High sensitivity, can be easily driven by low-power amplifier or 2W tube amplifier

Can be used in multiple purposes

Full range speaker with stable frequency transition and clear sound performance

Technical Data:

  • Rated power——40W
  • Maximum Power——80W
  • Nominal impedance Z——8 Ohm
  • Frequency response——-fu-17000Hz
  • Mean sound pressure level——93 dB(2,83/1m)
  • Resonance frequency fs——43Hz
  • Magnetic induction——1.0T
  • Total Q factor Qts——0.65
  • Equivalent volume Vas——50L
  • Weight (a pair): 1.8KG